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June 12, 2022 2 min read

Last year I decided to cross something off of my Bucket List.  As an avid football fan & living in the midwest I have watched Green Bay Packers games since I was a kid. Much of the time not by choice as we only had five television stations at my house growing up...it was either Packers, Vikings or Bears games on every Sunday. 

Lambo Field has hosted so many big games and has such history I wanted to attend in person with no restrictions on where I sat--I wanted to "Do it Right".  The schedule could not have worked out any better---my favorite team the Detroit Lions would be playing the Packers at Lambo Field on Monday Night Football.  I cleared my schedule and one week before the game, I called up my high school friend, bought the tickets and off we went.




The only thing was, I thought the stadium would be bigger than it was based upon what I had watched on television my entire life.  I had built this massive stadium into a gladiator coliseum.   Lambo Field--the place where Vince Lombardi had once walked, the place that housed so much football history and had had so many legends play on it's surface..that the actual size was a bit disappointing. 

I remember sitting alone in my seat as my friend went to get concessions and I just looking around, smiling.  My entire life I had made this place to almost be impossible for me to be in--(too big)...but here I was, on Monday Night Football...watching my favorite team play the Green Bay Packers, 16 rows up behind the visiting bench and drinking a beer. Epic.

Where in your world do things seem 'too big' in your pursuing....is it losing weight? Maybe it's a certain vacation that doesn't seem like something you would do at this stage in your life?  Perhaps, it's that car you have always wanted, yet feel like you don't 'deserve' something "that nice." 

Here's the message: The world is abundant. It is a huge place that we sometimes fear taking action on certain things that we deep down want as they seem "outside of our range", or outside of our normal character.  I'm here to tell you---I'm glad I overpaid for my seats as I got to interact with some of the players.  I'm glad it poured right before kickoff as it made the grass that much greener.  I'm glad we went early as we got to see the entire Monday Night Football TV Operation.  I'm glad I took my high school buddy as we now have a lasting lifetime memory and experience together. 

CHOOSE to do what you truly want.  CHOOSE to GO FOR IT.  Life isn't made to make money, pay bills and put on repeat for 50 years before you enjoy the world.  NOW, is the only thing you have.  

When you get to the "there" that you seek, and are in the moment...you may just realize that it wasn't as big of a sacrifice as you first thought...and well worth the effort;)

You get one life....LIVE IT.


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