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CONNECTION: Our strength is in our ability to connect with those who may feel 'stuck' in life.  Our motto is "no person left behind."

ACCOUNTABILITY:  We are only as strong as the strength we are able to give.

DETAILS MATTER: All things matter no matter how small they may seem.

DISCOMFORT IS A FRIEND:  If you aren't growing as a person you are limiting your impact to those around you.  In Short: GROW.

LEAN IN:  When life pushes you, push back and lean in to the possibilities. 

DEFINITION: A life left undefined is a life left unlived.  Make your mark and define what you will conquer.

BIG THINKING: A small thinker creates small impact. A big thinker (and implementer) can create big things for themselves, their family & their community.

ENJOY THE RIDE: We elect to have fun in what we do.  It is a requirement not a suggestion.  Find ways to see life for what it is...beautiful.  Smile More.

FREEDOM: The adrenaline rush that we seek is the freedom to be, do and have whatever we set our mind to obtain.  Freedom to speak. Freedom to live. Freedom to love whomever, wherever and whatever we want.