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Hello! My name is Dustin & this is my amazing tribe. My wife Diann & I formed The Inspired Nation in 2008 with a hope of helping our local community get healthier by offering fitness challenges, health resources & events. 
In 2007 I was broken.  Literally and figuratively.  Having recently bombed at a joint business venture, no money in my account, married & raising two young daughters at the time...(with a little man later added)...I was done.
Punched out and ready to roll out of this world.
...and then I had an experience that changed everything & my outlook. 
One hot summer day in a dairy barn, I was collecting cans to take to the redemption center as a way to raise a little money to put gas into our car...I heard a voice and this voice said three words that have helped transform so many lives that we have come in contact with and they were this...
Three simple words that mean so much.
Since that time, the mission is simple- to Challenge Communities to consciously live healthier both physically & mentally by providing online resources, in person retreats, accountability & leadership to give families the leverage & tools required to get healthier in all areas of life.
We recognize there is no 'right way'...but there is your way.  YOU DEFINE YOU. 
We are honored to have you visit our page and would love to offer you the opportunity to wear your message as... YOU DEFINE YOU.
I would love to know your story...
find me on Facebook: Dustin Behn
or on Instagram: @DrBehn
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