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June 15, 2022 2 min read

Have you ever been frustrated? Ya..me too.  I can remember a time early in my career (I had been out of school for maybe 2 years) where I was selected to be on a panel coined 'the young guns of chiropractic' (super cheesy--yes).  We were put on a panel at a national chiropractic convention and given 5 minutes to speak our fire about why we loved being a chiropractor.  


The doctor who ran on stage in front of me was highly known in our profession, a powerhouse motivator and a polished speaker.  I was not.  He came running off the stage to a standing ovation and fists pumping.  I was up next...I walked to the center stage and froze. I'm talking nothing came out of my mouth.  I raised my hand and screamed "family" and walked off stage (all in under 10seconds) to an awkward golf clap applause.  I was crushed, humiliated and embarassed---AND SWORE THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.  I wasn't ready.  I hadn't had the experience needed to succeed in that environment.


Looking back...it was a blessing and I'm grateful that I got to look like a moron in front of some of the most highly respected chiropractors in the world.  I have come to learn that we must be grateful for every step in the climb of life....not only when we reach the stage.


As God has promised--the blessing at the top is already prepared...you however may not be prepared for the blessing.  A perfect example is if you were to give a 7 year old the keys to the car and send them to get groceries...that would end up in tragedy--because they aren't prepared yet. The car (blessing) is there...but the child hasn't gone through the proper steps of life.  


Wherever you are...KNOW there is a blessing for you.  KNOW that it is waiting to put you on that stage. Your role...keep punching, preparing and winning the day---every damn day;)


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