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February 16, 2023 2 min read

"You Need More Grit"

When I was a kid living on a farm, I would often disappear to the garage to my self proclaimed---woodworking shop. This 'woodworking shop' wasn't anything special--it had a vice, a hammer, some random sized nails, threesmall sheets of sandpaper,a screwdriver and a bottle of wood glue that never got used (but sounded cool).


I remember one summer I decided to make picture frames. Being that I was a little kid and this was a makeshift woodshop---I only had wood that I found in the garage or scattered in other barns on the farm, so it was often cheap wood that had very rough texture and often needed to be sandpapered tosmooth the edges.


Little did I know at the time, but there are different sandpaper types for different projects. The specific types/ scales that are used by professionals to measure or describe the sandpaper is called--GRIT.


For jobs that require heavy sanding they will typically use 40-60 Grit, smoother surfaces require 80-120 GRIT and for finishing surfaces smoothly require 360-600 GRIT.


Here's the lesson heading into the week and to change this to a metophor for you to remember-->Different things in life will require a different level of GRITfrom you. Theheavy work may require a small about of GRIT....but as you proceed through life, and to truly be a master of something...you will need to be super polished with 10x more GRIT and focus.

If you want more,you will have to have to BE-come more.


You get one life....LIVE IT.



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